About the Brand

Driven by the belief that nature has the solutions, icebreaker provides natural performance alternatives to synthetic based apparel to create a healthier more sustainable future for our species and the planet.

The Challenge

icebreaker runs in 15 countries, and while icebreaker’s Core SEM is focused on revenue, in place was a target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA) strategy recommended by Blue Moon Digital’s Google Partners.

The brand craved better performance and alignment with core objectives, so Blue Moon Digital looked towards target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) as a natural next step in the automated bidding journey.

Our Solution

Blue Moon Digital transitioned Core SEM campaigns from tCPA to tROAS, giving automation a revenue-focused objective and allowing better alignment with the client’s goals.

To minimize disruption to revenue and traffic, Blue Moon Digital phased campaigns into automation in three intervals, starting small and growing as success was proven.

Within three weeks, the new concept proved successful and was fully scaled to tROAS globally with outstanding results.

Our Results







“Our team at Blue Moon Digital strategized and implemented a plan that not only executed our ROAS business objectives for the channel, but achieved cost saving effectiveness allowing us to free budget to drive incremental traffic to site by improving our competitive impression share in Search and Shopping.”

– John Waltmann, Global Digital Performance Marketing Manager, icebreaker


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