Creating positive user experiences through usability testing

About the Brand

Yummie by Heather Thomson started with the idea that shapewear doesn’t have to be unattractive and uncomfortable. In 2014, Yummie redesigned their website, but soon after noticed that their performance was declining. Unsure why there was a decline, Yummie’s team turned to Blue Moon.

The Challenge

Digital for a site-wide usability study to identify potential user experience issues on the site.

Blue Moon Digital’s initial research found that one of the top landing pages for the site (the shapewear page) was showing low engagement metrics and a decreased page value (the monetary value of a particular page in the conversion path). During testing, the BMDi team found that this page was confusing to users as they were unsure of what action to take.

After implementing recommended changes, page value increased 54%.

Our Solution

Usability testing is designed to understand how users interact with a website and to uncover issues that could be leading to a negative experience, or preventing a user from converting. A well-designed usability test measures performance by having users perform a set of tasks that mimic real life situations.

For Yummie, the BMDi team compiled a user group that included women of all ages and sizes with an additional focus to find users with varying backgrounds, e.g., career, income, computer/ technology knowledge, and in-store vs. online purchasing patterns. The users were brought in one at a time to complete the predetermined tasks while the BMDi team observed their interactions with the Yummie website. Users were encouraged to “think aloud” and treat the session as if they were in their natural environment. Although the users were told that it wasn’t a test, they still wanted to “pass” and would try harder to complete tasks. If a user says “at this point I would give up,” the general consensus is that they would have stopped a few steps before, had they been on their own.

The usability test conducted by the BMDi team discovered over 20 opportunities to improve the website. The shapewear page was identified as the highest priority due to having the most revenue potential. Users would get stuck when they landed on the shapewear page because it was designed as a content page rather than a shoppable page.


20% increase in conversion rate
30% boost in revenue
11% lift in website visits

The optimization study led to the redesigning of the shapewear page to better reflect shopper intent. BMDi recommended that the Yummie team add more merchandise to the page and make it shoppable while still using the content to encourage users to purchase. Resulting in a 54% year-over-year increase in page value.

“Working with Blue Moon Digital for our site usability study provided us with valuable insights and actionable data. The study was a worthwhile investment, and the outcome is terrific for informing our decisions around site updates to increase performance across all marketing channels.” — Shari Hoenig, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce, Yummie