Audience Data is the Next Digital Frontier

Data can be intimidating. Audience management and targeting seems daunting, complicated, and confusing.

As a result, many companies try speaking to all their consumers with the same tactics and messaging. Does it work? Sure, sometimes. But really, you’re leaving the bulk of your audience feeling uninspired to connect with you.

By leveraging a data-driven audience strategy, finding, activating, and measuring audiences is easier than ever with user matching capabilities available in our media platforms or via a host of data onboarding partners.

Audience Management

With these tools, we can:

  • Associate cross-device behaviors to a single user
  • Find offline individuals such as store buyers and direct mail recipients
  • Improve audience match rates
  • Measure omnichannel impact
  • Strengthen the impact of your digital channels managed by Blue Moon Digital

Experiences are customized with audience data


Re-engage audiences who have interacted on-site


Target customers you know, in segments you’ve defined


Find customers who shop with your partners and competitors


Reach users similar to your existing and third party data


We dig deep into audience demographics, interests, online activity, onsite behaviors, omnichannel purchase behaviors, competitive brand preferences, and other rich data points to create highly targeted content for your segments.

By aligning these segment-specific strategies across channels, we ensure a consistent experience across all marketing touch points, both online and offline.

The management of your audience data and strategy can occur through a host of technologies such as your CRM platform, an Audience Builder, or a sophisticated Data Management Platform (DMP). As a technology-agonistic agency, we’ll work within your platforms or vet new ones.

Leverage your audiences and speak uniquely to each.