All the Capture, None of the Drama

Stand out from the crowd.

In 2013, Gary Corkin coined the phrase “drowning in data, but starving for insights.” Sadly, that issue still exists. Worse yet, the problem has grown exponentially. Why? The world is going through a massive digital transformation and along with that comes the unrelenting increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data.

Seeing the stories in the data is imperative. Traditionally, dashboards and reports tend to focus on the top or bottom rows of data. However, oftentimes the datapoints that deserve the most attention lie somewhere between. The difficulty is to uncover these areas of opportunity because they aren’t standing out from the crowd.

Enter data outlier and anomaly detection. At Blue Moon Digital, our outlier and anomaly detection quickly identify datapoints that deserve extra attention. Perhaps you have a site search term that’s not one of your top 50 or bottom 50, but that generates significant search volume and has the potential to generate a higher conversion. By shedding more light on prospective site issues or consumer behaviors we help you focus your resources on issues that provide immediate gain.

How We Do It Better

3D Visualization

Our 3D marketing data visualization Patent* allows us to offer something that others can’t. We are able to plot up to six metrics on a single, interactive visualization. By using 3D data visualizations, you can quickly see how KPIs are correlated and identify data points that need attention

Deeper Dive

Not only do we provide you with 3D data visualizations that provide you with data outliers and anomaly detection at a glance, but we also provide you with supporting data and visualizations that allow you to dive deeper into those key data points.

Expert Team of Analysts

We are providers of expert technology solutions, yes. But we are also a team of strategic marketing analysts and strategists. We assist you with solutions and recommendations to help resolve any issues or discover opportunities that are revealed during any phase of analysis.


By providing you with your own Visual Intelligence Cube (VIC), we provide you with data that is both timely and actionable. You aren’t waiting for a team of analysts to send you a report that is already out of date the second you receive it. With our proprietary solutions you can log into the VIC and see any irregularities in your data whenever you want and with recent data inputs.


The Impact We Make

We turn your data into information and information into insights, so you can quickly see what action you need to take. Our algorithms and solutions provide you with data at your fingertips, while our approach and expertise provide additional insights and resources. Individually, each tool and skill are powerful, but together we create a powerhouse that allows for quick actions! When the anomaly is detected the correct action can be taken.


Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.