Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

Reducing uncertainty with strategy plus data science all under one roof.

Knowing the right way to allocate your marketing budget to achieve your maximum ROI can be complicated. To put it lightly.

No matter your KPIs, whether you are trying to increase top line revenue, increase new customer acquisition, you need to know the impact of your marketing and advertising campaigns to determine how the various elements contributed to your results. Getting the right marketing mix for maximum results is becoming an achievable goal. Blue Moon Digital’s media mix model (MMM) helps to take the guess work out of how to allocate your budget so that you achieve the best return possible.

How We Do It Better


Rather than taking historical snapshots of your data and providing a single report, Blue Moon Digital approaches media mix modeling differently. We automate data capture from your digital marketing programs and then join these disparate data sources, enabling us to provide an MMM solution that is available to you more frequently, rather than a single report.

Long-term Approach

Current solutions place too much focus on short-term benefits. These solutions focus on immediate gains and don’t consider the long game. Building a long-term strategy for a channel requires an emphasis on both revenue (short-term) and impressions (long-term) for a channel. Our solution accounts for both short-term and long-term KPIs of both revenue and impressions. We not only want your brand to succeed, we want you to thrive.


Digital channels allow us the ability to increase the level of segmentation provided in our output. Not only can we tell you how to reallocate budget channel to channel, but help you understand not just which channel, but which audience within the channel.

Digital Marketing Channels vs. Traditional

Historically media mix modeling was created to help marketers determine the right mix of their traditional marketing tactics. Tactics such as television, radio and print advertising. But there has been a major shift in advertising budgets and 2019 was the first year that over 50% of marketing budgets went towards digital marketing over traditional marketing efforts. What this means for MMM is that unlike traditional marketing efforts, budgets aren’t locked months in advance giving brands the opportunity to shift advertising dollars from channel to channel. Blue Moon Digital’s media mix model focuses on the increased opportunity for shifting budgets that digital marketing provides.

All Under One Roof

Our data science solutions come directly from collaboration with our agency’s digital marketing strategists. In fact, our data science team have strong marketing backgrounds themselves, most having worked directly with brands on their marketing strategies and analytics needs. So, we understand the importance and impact a good MMM solution can have for a marketing strategy. Additionally, our data science team and agency strategy teams collaborate so that our solution addresses the unique challenges your business faces.


The Impact We Make

Our MMM solution can help you do the following:

  • Understand the maximum potential (revenue, impressions or a combination of both) that is achievable with your existing budget
  • Help you identify the budget necessary to achieve your revenue goals
  • Show you where you need to make a shift in your media mix to achieve your revenue goals


Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.