Local SEO & Listings Management


Location, location, location. That saying still rings true – especially for digital marketers.

Nowhere is location more important than in search, where it’s estimated that nearly half of all searches have local intent – even more so for mobile device users, 82% of whom include “near me” in their query.

At Blue Moon Digital, we help brands improve their location exposure organically using digital knowledge management (DKI) tactics like Listings Management and Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO). Sure, you can invest in location-based Paid Media strategies to generate local brand visibility or brick-and-mortar foot traffic and sales – but who wants to pay for something you could get for free?!

Local SEO and listings management often represents a substantial revenue opportunity for your brand, whether you’re a Retailer or a Restaurant. If you’ve made an investment in online location management tools, too often we find those are implemented onsite without a proactive approach for leveraging the technology. Between managing citations, updating location landing pages, and creating content with local context, it’s hard to find time for that important work!

Luckily, our team of local SEO professionals can help you manage and improve your local search footprint. Our depth of experience – including with technologies like Yext, Rio SEO, and Moz Local – means we can supply un-biased, strategic recommendations on what’s right for your program and service those tools for optimal results.

We’re an extension of your team and technology partners, providing comprehensive or supplemental support based on what’s needed for your business. How we help:


Here’s the Breakdown.

Accurate name, address, and phone number information is essential to local SEO. We ensure all your locations information is accurate across all major publishers.

Whether you need assistance maintaining your local landing pages or creating them, we ensure your pages follow SEO best practices with all the necessary local twists.

Consumers utilize reviews more than ever before. We develop and implement review generation strategies that will help your business put its best foot forward.

Gain insights where you need them. Our data experts provide you with the information you need to make informed business decisions on a local, regional or global scale.

Content is a vital part of any SEO strategy. Our content creation team is available to help you generate locally focused content that can boost site visibility and authority.

As a Yext certified partner, we have access to state of the art technologies and industry leaders that will help take your local search footprint to the next level.


LISTINGS MANAGEMENT: Information on your brick-and-mortars – like location hours, images, and address – is essential to the local search user experience. We ensure your listings are accurate and optimal across all major publishers, plus provide best practices for critical components like reviews.

LOCAL PAGES MANAGEMENT: Whether you need assistance creating or maintaining location web pages, we can help. Our team provides locally relevant, search optimized content and technical best practices to ensure your pages are ready for customers and for crawlers

ANALYTICS CUSTOM REPORTING: Gain insights on how consumers are engaging locally with your brand and what optimizations are working, via tool analytics. Or take it a step further with custom reporting, aggregating location data from tool analytics, website analytics, point-of-sale (POS), and other sources for a comprehensive view into the local user experience.

Through strategic planning, proactive management, and data driven insights, we enable your business to reach consumers with a compelling, locally relevant brand experience.

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