Tailoring Our Services to Your Needs

Does this sound like you, so much data, so little time?

Or, info overload with too few actionable insights? You’re not alone.

No matter your industry or role, leveraging data empowers you to reach your goals. We understand that each industry has unique opportunities to influence the transformational power of data.



Ah retail. Let’s start with the good, there’s not an apocalypse. Sure, the retail industry is going through major changes due to the commoditization of goods, the move to the experience economy, and the fact that consumers live online. And yes, it is true, shopping is not what it used to be. The amount of data available to retailers and brands is overwhelming: store transactions, ecommerce transactions, marketplace transactions, consumer buying behavior, product inventory levels, supply chain logistics, campaign performance, social media, customer LTV and CPA, revenue attribution, and more. It is dizzying just thinking about it.

Bottom line, retailers need to accelerate their digital transformation and embrace data driven decision making to thrive in this disruptive time. Through our digital agency we help retailers engage and promote to their customers. Our analysts and data scientists help to measure, optimize and predict future performance. Our BI Services brings all these data sources to one place, creates compelling visual dashboards allowing retailers to quickly gain insights, and make better decisions in a timelier manner. The data is always available and up to date allowing retailers to better serve their customers and maximize revenue.


Welcome to the age of the always-on consumer! We don’t need to tell you that consumer expectations and choices have never been greater. But perhaps we should remind you that your ecommerce system is always on and it is critical that your data is always on too. This means, you need a data platform that is easily accessible, connects all your data in one place, to enable you to make data driven decisions quickly.

Our solution allows you and your team to understand campaign effectiveness across all channels. By putting data directly in front of those that need it, your team can react in real-time. With these real-time insights, you enable your team to gain insights quickly, empowering proactive, smart decisions.

Consumer Goods

Hungry to get all your data into one place.? See what we did there? Data puns aside, the consumer goods industry is evolving more rapidly than we have ever seen in the past. There’s food delivery services and concepts like Amazon Go, not to mention curbside pickup and apps like GrubHub, and these consumers are choosing, and purchasing through a variety of channels.

Our solutions help you overcome your unique challenges. Allowing you to toggle between your online orders, app orders, in-store orders, and deliveries helps you make real-time decisions quickly.


You don’t have to look far to realize that the changes to the digital marketing landscape are stunning. I mean, we carry mini computers around in our pockets! And just think of all the information that can be tracked on those. Since 2011, the number of marketing technology companies has grown over 4,000%. And the number of data sources is overwhelming.

Businesses and consumers research online and digital marketing spend is surpassing traditional marketing spend. The challenge for all companies is to understand what digital marketing channels are working, what campaigns are working, and how to quickly find ways to optimize campaigns on the fly.

Our solution automatically pulls all spend and performance data into one place, showing trends and how media spend is pacing. We have automated the collection, aggregation, and visualization of all digital marketing data so you can see it all together, in one place 24/7.


The stigma is real, but not valid. This emerging market is changing the way we market products online. The term Cannabis, and all things related to it, has been wrongfully associated with laziness and vagrants Cannabis is a plant that is misunderstood and a term that covers an industry that includes products like THC and CBD, two very different things.

The nuance of marketing in the Cannabis industry is one that continues to shift as regulations across the US, and from state-to-state, transform the way we can market Cannabis brands and products. And because of that constant osculation, it is hard for brands to keep up. That’s where we come in. Our team tracks the developments in the industry and understands how to navigate Cannabis marketing in the digital space so your cannabis-focused brand doesn’t get sidelined.

Beauty & Skincare

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the beauty and skincare industry cater to endless product needs and beauty definitions. Beauty is an incredible industry with devoted followers who know and cherish the products they use. It is this following that makes this industry so nuanced: how does a brand guide a would-be customer to your products, change their routine, and ultimately getting them to change brands?

Understanding the intricacies of this booming market starts with data. Building brand loyalty is a cornerstone of any marketing plan and understanding customer needs and each unique beauty journey allows us to leverage their decisions to ensure your brand is ready to capture opportunities.

Health & Wellness

While a spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down, health and wellness has always been about more than medicine. So, it is vitally important that you understand what “medicine” your customer is looking for. Then you need to get that product, your product into the hands of your customer.

The health & wellness industry is changing constantly, and the market is crowded. Health is all encompassing, from offering supplements, essential oils, guided meditations to fitness equipment and wellness products that keep your customers healthy and fit. The key to building awareness and staking your claim in the space is by breaking through the noise.

Through research, audience insights, and innovative ideas, Blue Moon Digital can breathe new life into existing brands or help bring your product to market for the first time.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage are the fuel for life and one could argue that marketing is the fuel for food and beverage. From building brand awareness, to growing a marketing strategy across multiple channels, to launching your first direct-to-consumer campaign, we have the expertise to make consumers crave your brand. We work with brands building on marketing basics to the most complex strategies, carving the right niche for your brand and then expanding on it.

Let our industry leading recipes for success elevate your brand and get your products in front of those that are looking for them.

Tech & Software

Innovation rests for no one. That’s why you live off coffee, right? Early adopters aren’t the only ones that can see how big data is, and has been, shaping the industry. It is either adapt and innovate or become obsolete. And the tech industry is constantly on the cutting edge of what is new. So, basically, it is essential that you double down on staying ahead of the curve. With an industry that is innovative and is in constant change, you need data that is updated real-time and accessible 24/7.

Our solution allows you to leverage all your information by providing at-your-fingertips-technology. This real-time reporting allows for actionable insights leading to a better understanding of key drivers of development, marketing, sales, distribution, and any other metric you can dream up to keep your business innovating and moving forward. Faster insights mean more informed decision making.

Agency Services

All those that live that agency life, raise your hands. Ok, we can’t literally see you, but we see you and know your struggles. We’ve lived it, pouring over enough spreadsheets to induce nightmares. That’s no way to live, so we fixed it. Our data solutions power our agency services. All our agency reporting has moved from excel spreadsheets to visual dashboards that are available 24/7 on all device types. This provides our agency clients with access to their data from any devices empowering our clients through real-time reporting.

We are offering our data solutions to other agencies. We have automated the collection and aggregation of data from the majority of digital marketing vendors and platforms. We have created comprehensive dashboards for each of the digital channels.

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