Merging Industry Expertise to
Tell Your Brand Story

So much data, so little time—if this resonates, you’re not alone.

No matter your industry or role, we leverage data to create actionable insights so you can connect with your audience.
At Blue Moon Digital + MERGE, we understand each industry has unique opportunities to influence the transformational power of data and through that, we create storytelling opportunities for your brand.

Together, our experience spans the core industries of Wealth, Health and Happiness and our deep knowledge allows us to unlock the value of your data capital.

Health, Wealth, and Happiness


Save Lives

Health Providers
Health Plans
Life Sciences


Change Lives

Financial Services


Make Lives Happier

Consumer & Commerce


Our expertise in healthcare spans the entire life sciences landscape as well as supporting companies in acquiring patients, retaining employees and improving the telehealth experience. We deliver experiences that improve lives, both on the personal and societal front.


Working across the financial services ecosystem, we have helped companies navigate unruly market dynamics and develop customer-centered growth strategies.

From asset management to banking, credit service to financial advising, insurance to investment management and more, we assist companies in building trust with their audience so they can share their story through brand development and unique customer experiences.


Welcome to the age of the always-on consumer—shopping is no longer what it used to be. The amount of data available to retailers and brands is overwhelming: store, ecommerce and marketplace transactions; consumer buying behavior; product inventory levels; supply chain logistics; campaign performance; social media impressions; OOTV and other Display avenues; revenue attribution—and more. It is dizzying just thinking about it.

You need a data platform that is easily accessible, connects all your data and enables you to make data-driven decisions quickly. This is where the Happiness comes into play. We serve retailers in the consumer packaged goods industry, automotive, food and beverage, and home electronics and appliances.

At Blue Moon Digital + MERGE, we help retailers engage and promote to their customers. Our analysts and data scientists measure, optimize and predict future performance. Our BI Services brings all these data sources to one place, creating compelling visual dashboards for actionable insights. The data is always available and up-to-date, allowing retailers to better reach their customers, maximize revenue and share their brand story.

Understand your customer. Create a plan. Make it actionable.
Drive results. LET US HELP.