Greg Brown Chief Financial Officer

Greg is a Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at Blue Moon Digital, Inc. Consider him one part Treasurer, one part Accountant, one part Resource Manager, and one part Co-Founder. As the CFO, he oversees the financial activities of the entire company. These activities include monitoring cash flow, financial planning, and overseeing all things finance. In addition to all things finance he is the resource manager (of sorts) and supervises daily computing operations related to infrastructure (enterprise IT), risk management (an all-encompassing thread through just about everything we do), and last (but not least) HR.

Being in charge of a company’s financials, IT infrastructure, and Human Resources department is no easy task. But Greg does it all with ease and transparency though. Really, even the interns get to see how Blue Moon Digital is pacing towards their goals.

Though some might say accounting work is well, boring, Greg finds joy in what others see as tedious. He leverages his background of over 30 years in accounting with his professional experience in everything from startups, to Fortune 100 companies in order to keep Blue Moon Digital running smoothly.

“In a small business, everything you touch has an immediate impact on somebody, somehow, someway.”

He is energized by the immediate impact on small businesses, and enjoys the agility. Small businesses are much more nimble and can react quickly to change which is a must in the digital marketing space. Greg is inspired by the passion that the Blue Moon Digital employees have for their jobs. From the top down, the drive is contagious.

Outside of the office, he relishes his role as a father and can be found playing a pick-up game of basketball, lending an ear, or helping with a project. If you see him out and about, ask him about his latest travels of land, sea, and sky since he is an avid biker, certified diver, and licensed pilot.

Who said accountants were boring?