Dr. Ziyi Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Ziyi is the Chief Data Scientist and a Co-Founder of Blue Moon Digital, Inc. Yes, that is his real name and he is our ‘mad scientist.’ A fortune teller scientist hybrid of sorts, and a master of harnessing BIG data. As the Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Ziyi uses analytics as a key focus in development and as a differentiator. The proof is in the pudding…er…data.

Dr. Ziyi is driven by data…truly. He followed his love of data by earning six degrees. These include two Masters in Chemistry and Computer Science, one Masters in Business Administration, and a PhD. It was exhausting just listing those accomplishments, let alone earning them. The truth is, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Indecision at its finest.

Big data is not a recent phenomenon, but new to this industry. Dr. Ziyi has been using big data since his start in engineering almost 25 years ago. Following the story told by leveraging big data, led him to acquire several patents + one pending for Blue Moon Digital (cue excited noises) and multiple publications.

As a Chinese native, he was lured to the states by the Chemometrics (data + Chemistry) program at the University of Washington. From there, he started his career at GE Health as an Engineer, moved to improving water quality at Hach, co-founded a startup, and eventually landed here at Blue Moon Digital, Inc. which we are oh so happy about.

When he is not passing on his brilliance to his mini-me’s (he is a father of two), he can be found playing the piano, or taking advantage of the mountains by hiking or skiing (depending on the season of course).