Cindy Brown CEO & Founder

Cindy Brown is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Moon Digital, Inc. She is a mathematician turned digital guru who built the agency with the vision to get the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment, on the right device. But that is only a piece. The overarching company values stem from Cindy’s desire to do boundless things for her clients, her team, and her community.

Cindy got her start in digital marketing way back in the late 90’s providing email strategy and email delivery services to large publishers and catalogers. From there, she cultivated her digital skills as the Vice President of Email Product Development and Operations at Experian.

Leveraging her love for numbers and her knack for seeing patterns, Cindy decided to strike out on her own and formed Blue Moon Digital, Inc. Cindy’s digital mind and competitive prowess has helped her clients surpass industry growth rates threefold. Much like the digital landscape, the agency has evolved and thrived due to her steadfast commitment to growth in the ever-changing scenery of the digital space.

“Fearless leader” would be one way to describe Cindy, and while it is accurate, she is so much more. She is a mentor, an avid reader, and a lifelong learner carrying with her the deep-seeded values of family and community in everything she does. She is as dedicated to her team as she is to exceeding client expectations.

When not donning her digital marketing cape, she can be found tickling the ivories of her baby grand, biking the beautiful mountain landscape with her husband, or cheering on the Denver Broncos with her two sons.