Bryan Phillips Chief Marketing Technologist

Bryan’s roles are comprised of many moving parts as he is the Chief Marketing Technologist, as well as a Co-Founder of Blue Moon Digital, Inc. When he puts on his SVP of Operations hat, he acts as a counselor and sounding board of sorts. You could say that his role is to focus on all things ‘people.’ He keeps the Blue Moon Digital team happy, thriving and successful, and aids in fostering team growth with a special emphasis on furthering individual career development.

He is well-versed in multiple mediums and he is a true technologist with over 20 years in high-tech industries. His quest for understanding every facet of the digital space has lead him down many paths. From a tech ‘nerd’ turned digital marketer, to business owner, he can truly relate to the team and fosters cross-channel synergy.

Bryan is a master of managing internal complexities. His development knowledge coupled with over 12 years of digital marketing experience gives him the tools that allow him to see multiple perspectives to form custom holistic online marketing strategies for clients based on their needs.

Being the true people person that he is, he enjoys spending his time outside of the office with his favorite people who are also known as his family. Now, this is not to say that the Blue Moon Digital team isn’t high on the list. But let’s be honest, he spends a lot of time with the team, so there are no hard feelings there.

Bryan is a Colorado native who enjoys all the amenities this state holds inside its borders. From sipping craft beers, to skiing, to jamming to live music at some of the most amazing venues in the world (yep, talking about Red Rocks), there is no shortage of activities to keep this lifelong learner and cancer survivor content.