milly case study

milly case study

/ The Scoop

Fashion brand MILLY epitomizes bold, advanced contemporary fashion with a graceful, feminine edge. With an emphasis on customer acquisition, the brand sought to increase Facebook fans and expand their social reach.

Working with Blue Moon Digital to drive the Facebook campaign, MILLY was able to boost qualified Facebook likes by 29% over the course of six weeks by acquiring over 17,000 new brand followers.

/ Goal

Gain 2,500 new qualified Facebook followers through Facebook custom audience ad targeting.

/ Method

Leveraged MILLY’s current customer base, in this case, customers that had opted into the brand’s email list, to create four custom audience segments:

• MILLY email subscribers (non-Facebook followers)
• Look-a-Likes (modeled off of current email subscribers & brand followers)
• Fashion (online shopping interests)
• Competitors (Facebook followers of other designers)

Personalized messaging was used to gain traction within each targeted segment and make the best brand connection possible. Each segment was broken down based on interests and likes in an effort to gain maximum brand engagement.

“We were thrilled with the social display ad campaign that Blue Moon Digital proposed to us. Page likes are crucial to telling the MILLY story, but only if we are speaking to potential lifelong customers.” – Tatiana Perkin, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at MILLY

/ Impact

Setting the bar high from the start, MILLY’s Facebook campaign was 26.5% to goal in just the first day. Over the course of the campaign, which lasted six weeks, MILLY saw a 29% lift in Facebook likes and achieved 680% beyond their target goal of 2,500 likes.

“Blue Moon started with the basics by trying to convert our email opt-ins into Facebook followers, but also extended our reach by targeting look-a-like consumers on Facebook. Not only did we receive almost seven times the number of new fans we set out to obtain, but, more importantly, we are now able to saturate these ripe consumers with the MILLY story.” – Tatiana Perkin, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at MILLY

The Look-a-Likes segment was the top performing. Over half of the budget was shifted to focus on this top segment. This segment contributed a phenomenal 14,146 page likes, saw a strong click-through-rate (CTR) of 2.9% and the lowest cost-per-like (CPL) at $0.28. The messaging that resonated most with this group was “Follow Milly on Facebook and Stay In the Know on our Bold, Bright & Feminine Style.”

Unexpectedly, the email subscriber segment saw the highest cost and lowest engagement with 981 added page likes, a cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.80 and a CTR of 1.1%. However, these users were more likely to take action over the Fashion and Competitor segments.

The email subscriber segment excluded users who were already following MILLY on Facebook. Over the six week course of the campaign, this segment responded most to the “Like Our Page & Get The Scoop on Your Favorite Bold, Bright & Feminine Milly Styles!” messaging.

The competitor segment added only 982 page likes, but drove a strong CTR of 3.3% with a CPL of $0.46. This segment responded best to the “Like Our Page & Get a Behind the Scenes Look at How Your Favorite Styles Come To Life!” copy.

The fashion segment targeted online shopping interests. This group added 1,002 page likes, saw the strongest CTR of 3.5% and the second lowest CPL of $0.42. This groups bread-and-butter messaging was “Get The Latest On Our Vibrant & Chic Spring Collections. Follow Milly On Facebook Today!”

Milly paid social case study

“As we all know, storytelling in the luxury fashion industry is extremely visual so having the chance now to illustrate our story via dynamic content to these new fans is a huge win for MILLY and for Michelle Smith, our Founder and Designer! Her “American Dream” story deserves to be told as it is truly an inspiration for women everywhere.”
– Tatiana Perkin

/ Takeaway

Designer and founder Michelle Smith transforms classics by merging American sportswear silhouettes with distinctive Parisian atelier techniques. Her signature designs are greatly influenced by her Parisian training at Christian Dior Haute Couture, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Smith’s eye for impeccable detail, use of luxurious, cutting-edge European fabrics, precise tailoring and custom-made prints have made MILLY a sought-after favorite worldwide.

/ About MILLY

The carefully curated segments paid off, as each segment responded to different messaging than the others. Because of these strategically targeted segments, MILLY was able to lift their Facebook likes from 59,000 to 76,000 likes over the course of a six-week campaign.